Nike - Meridian II Flash - Flexon Sunglasses

Nike - Meridian II Flash - Flexon Sunglasses
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Nike Flexon Meridian II Flash -- from high end NIKE Flexon series, frame made of the famous FLEXON material. Extremely lightweight and durable!!  New model just released by Nike!

100% Guaranteed Authentic

In sport, your focus must stay on the field of play. There's no time to spare worrying about your glasses. That's why select Nike frames incorporate Flexon, a highly flexible and durable patented metal alloy that moves with you. Unlike conventional metal frames, Nike Flexon frames are nearly impossible ot bend or twist out of shape because their "memory metal" content allows them to return to their original form every time. Flexon is 25% lighter that standard metals, so frames are more comfortable, Highly resistant to metal fatigue, Nike Flexon frames easily with stand the rigors of sport without kinking or breaking. With the same corrosion-resistant qualities as pure, titanium, colors and finishes retain their original look longer. 100% UV Protection.

  • Model: Nike Flexon Meridian II Flash
  • Frame Color:   (1) #411 Espresso (2) #757  Brushed Gold
  • Lens Color: (1) Chocolate  w/ Mirror Flash (2) Grey w/ Mirror Flash
* comes with an Nike box and NIKE metal Vault.

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Meridian I Flash

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Meridian II

Meridian II Flash

Meridian II Polarized

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Meridian III Polarized

Reveal I Flash

Reveal II Flash

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